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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Zooming Into Meeting in Canada!

Hello, Everyone!!  I am here after one of my infamous extended lulls in conversation to bend your ear once again.

Here on the bald flat prairie our area is experiencing a spring storm.  Yes, you heard me, a SNOWSTORM in the middle of April.  It started out really mucky with rain falling, which then turned to a mix of rain AND snow (!!?) that made the highways like driving on greased glass.  Had I not needed to make a trip to town it would have been nice to stay home and have a nice cup of something warm and shiver in the comfort of my nice warm house.  Such was not what happened, however.  We got on the highway in my Jeep that had just had the switch to summer tires and we almost landed in the ditch more than once.  New plan for tire changes in our house is now NOT to do this until at least the end of April.  Ah, Canada...

It's on days like this that you want to stay inside and tat something beautiful. However, it's difficult these days to find folks to tat WITH.  It gets boring  being isolated all the time.  One of the joys of our chosen artform is being able to show each other what we've done and how we're getting along with a new technique, or even just asking questions has become very problematic. 

Further irritating this problem is the lack of information about group of tatters meeting on a regular basis here in Canada. Well, there's a group of lacemakers, which includes tatters, that offer a virtual forum via Zoom at this group:

If you would like some more information on this group and how to join their monthly Zoom meetings held on the fourth Sunday of the month, please send an email to  Let them know you're interested in joining them, what kind of lace you make (tatting, bobbin lace, etc) and in what province you live. That way they can help you determine what time of day you can attend their meeting, as time zones vary from province to province.  They will give you further information from there. I'm going to send them an email because I'm going stir-crazy and would love to visit with some like-minded artists!  I need to see FACES!

Even if you don't want to attend their monthly meetings, I'm sure you can get information about supplies on their "Resources" tab on the website.  They have some classes listed, too!  I'm not sure what kind of classes they are, but that's what questions are for! I'm certainly going to see about adding some of their links to my own list!  You can never have enough information!

Well, dear friends, the time has come for me to go see if I can shift some of that snow off my doorstep.  The poor dog needs to go outside and he's looking at the 10" of accumulated white stuff like he might catch cooties if his toes touch it.  Ahh, the joys of living in Canada.

Happy Tatting!

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