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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Let's Help a Friend

 Hello, Lovely Tatters.

I know we're all in full swing with this pandemic, and I truly hope that all those I reach with these mediocre little posts of mine are safe and happy and prospering.

I have something that is weighing on me, and I'm hoping you will indulge me by listening and letting your heart be your guide.

Lisa Adams, who runs the Tatting Corner in Indiana, does a LOT for the tatting community, not just in the USA but internationally.  I know for a fact that she arranges for things to be shipped to her store and then makes a regular bulk shipment out of the country to many places simply because the cost of shipping to places of say, Australia, can be prohibitive.  She does other things, too, and I really am not privy to those, but it's a lot.  

Things in her world right now are a bit dark.  Her husband, Chuck, is currently in the hospital recovering from heart bypass surgery.  There were some setbacks they didn't foresee, and although he should be at home right now recovering, he isn't.  He's improving, and that's the good thing, but it means he has spent more time in hospital with critical care than they were expecting, and in the USA, this causes the costs to rise exponentially.  Their insurance will cover SOME of the costs, but not all of them.  If Lisa can't get help financially, she's going to have to close her shop to get a "regular" job that will pay her bills.  

Please understand that The Tatting Corner is not in trouble.  It is self-sustaining, and anything extra that Lisa has been able to take from the store has been invested in finding things to sell to the crafting community she serves, so there's no real "income" taken from the business.

Lisa and her family are in danger of losing their home.  Yes, they are.  For my Canadian readers, this is something we don't need to deal with at all.  When we have a medical need, our Universal Health Care (which isn't free, it's paid for with our taxes, but it's something we all need) usually takes care of it and we aren't faced with trying to deal with the stress of a recovering loved one AND the stress of collection agencies trying to get blood from a stone, and we're not faced with the possibility of losing our home just to pay for medical care.

Lisa has set up a GoFundMe and while it has had lots of activity, it's short of what they need for Chuck to recover comfortably.  If you can find it in your heart and your pocketbook to contribute, please do so.  You can post anonymously, but Lisa will know who you are and believe me, she WILL thank you personally.  Here is the link for that:

Help the Adams Family with Medical Expenses

That smiling fuzzy face is the man himself, Chuck.  He is as much a part of the Tatting Corner as is Lisa. No, he doesn't tat, but he is frequently involved when there is a long drive to be made, or if there are things needing fixed.

Another thing Lisa has done since she opened her shop has been her "12 Days of Christmas" sale.  I'll post some links here, but I will also repost, in Lisa's own words, how the sale works:

Tatting Corner

Tatting Corner's Annual 12 Days of Christmas Sale

Tatting Corner Main Page on Facebook

And, as promised, here are Lisa's own words on how the sale works:

Welcome to Tatting Corner’s Annual 12 Days of Christmas sale! This year’s sale will start on Friday, November 13, 2020. If this is your first time participating in the sale, please take a moment to read the instructions below – they’re important.

How does it work? Each morning, at approximately 9 a.m., a product or class of products will go on sale. I’ll make the daily announcement on my Facebook page, several groups where I’m allowed to post sales, and a message will go out on the mailing list. You’ll have 24 hours to select your items and pay for them. (DON’T leave them in your cart; when the sale ends, your cart will return to the normal price.) You will use a special code in the coupon redemption box (this year it’s CHRISTMAS20) so the system will not charge you shipping. Do this as many times as you like throughout the sale (even more than once a day!); the code will tell me that you’re participating in the sale and I will not ship your product.

Once the 12 days have elapsed, I will pack everyone’s orders up and figure out one shipping cost for all the orders that each person placed during the sale. You’ll then get an invoice from PayPal for the shipping cost (which you can pay with a debit or credit card; no need to have a PayPal account). Once you pay that, I’ll ship your package. And yes, international participants are very welcome!

Please note: this year’s sale’s last day will be Tuesday, November 24. This will affect the final order delivery – it will arrive on Monday, November 30. That’s when I’ll be able to start the process of packing orders and invoicing shipping.

Seriously, what could be better? You’ll get products on sale, and save a bundle on your shipping costs by combining all your purchases into one shipment. Well, there’s one more benefit this year – for every $10 USD you spend (not including the shipping charges at the end of the sale, or any taxes) you’ll be entered into a drawing for three fantastic prizes - $50 gift certificates to Tatting Corner!

I will leave it at that. I hope you're able to take advantage of the sale. I know I will be!! I get to stock up on goodies at a good price and I get to help a friend, and I get a chance at a gift certificate! Like Lisa said, what could be better?!

In the meantime, I wish you all

Happy Tatting!

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